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Unveiling Political Realities: A Conversation with Kelly Tolhurst MP

Step into the world of British politics with hosts Rachel and Simon on the Cherrywood Podcast, where they bring you an exclusive interview with none other than Kelly Tolhurst, the esteemed Member of Parliament for Strood and Rochester. 🏛️✨

In this upcoming episode, Kelly Tolhurst shares her remarkable journey from the family business to the hallowed halls of the Houses of Parliament. 🌟

Encounters with Royalty:Tune in as Kelly recounts her awe-inspiring encounters, from meeting Queen Elizabeth II to her unique experiences as one of His Majesty's Privy Counselors alongside King Charles. 🤝👑

Inside Perspectives:Join us as Kelly provides gripping accounts of significant political events, including her firsthand experience during the Houses of Parliament attack. Get a closer look at her involvement in royal events such as the King's coronation, offering insights into these momentous occasions. 🏰

Stay Connected:Stay engaged in the political conversation and connect with Kelly Tolhurst: 🌐 Kelly Tolhurst's Website 🎙️ Cherrywood Podcast Website 📷 Instagram: @CherrywoodPro 📘 Facebook: Cherrywood Productions 📧 Email:

Don't miss this insightful episode filled with stories of political life, resilience, and dedication to public service. Subscribe now and join the Cherrywood Podcast community! 🚀

👉 Watch the sneak peek here: Kelly Tolhurst Interview

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