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We pride ourselves on being an “invisible” company and are most happy when couples say they do not remember being filmed. We believe the wedding day is their day and not ours to stop and interrupt to fabricate shots.  For the camera shy customer, we offer the option of using a smaller camera with the same spec as the larger camera, to make them feel comfortable.

Wedding Photography and Videography

A combined wedding videographer and photographer offers several advantages:

  1. Consistency in style and vision: By hiring a single company for both photography and videography, you can ensure a consistent style and vision for documenting your wedding day.

  2. Time and convenience: Working with a single company for both photography and videography can save time and be more convenient than coordinating with multiple vendors.

  3. Improved coordination: A combined vendor will be able to coordinate and work together to capture the best moments and perspectives of your wedding day.

  4. Cost-effective: Often, hiring a single company for both photography and videography can result in cost savings compared to hiring separate vendors for each service.

  5. Complete coverage: A combined photographer and videographer can ensure that all important moments of your wedding day are captured in both photo and video format.

  6. Integration of styles: The photographer and videographer can work together to integrate their styles and create a cohesive documentation of your wedding day.

We offer a 0% interest payment plan. Pay what you want, when you want leading up to your special day!

Midweek weddings get £100 off per package
(excluding Fridays and Bank Holidays)

5% off if you decide to book both Videography and Photography!!

Contact us for more details.

Choosing the right videographer and photographer is crucial to ensuring that your special moments are captured beautifully. Here are 10 tips to guide you in making the best decision:

For Choosing a Videographer:

  1. Review Portfolios: Look at the videographer's previous work. A portfolio will give you a sense of their style, creativity, and the quality of their filming.

  2. Watch Full-Length Samples: Don't rely solely on highlight reels. Request to watch full-length wedding videos to understand how they capture the entire event.

  3. Check Reviews: Read reviews from previous clients. Platforms like Google, Yelp, or wedding-specific websites can provide insights into the videographer's professionalism and the satisfaction of their clients.

  4. Discuss Style and Editing: Communicate your preferences regarding the style of filming and editing. Whether you want a cinematic, documentary, or storytelling approach, ensure the videographer understands your vision.

  5. Ask About Equipment: Inquire about the type of equipment used. Ensure they have high-quality cameras, audio equipment, and additional tools for a polished end product.

  6. Understand the Contract: Carefully go through the contract. Pay attention to details such as the number of hours of coverage, additional costs, and the delivery timeline for the final video.

  7. Availability and Flexibility: Confirm the videographer's availability on your wedding date. Discuss their flexibility to accommodate any changes in the schedule or additional requests.

  8. Communication Skills: Effective communication is key. Ensure that the videographer is responsive to your inquiries, open to discussions, and can easily understand and incorporate your ideas.

  9. Ask About Backup Plans: Inquire about backup plans in case of equipment failure or unforeseen circumstances. A reliable videographer will have contingency measures in place.

  10. Personal Connection: Choose a videographer with whom you have a good rapport. Feeling comfortable and having a connection can positively impact the filming experience and the end result.



For Choosing a Photographer:

  1. Evaluate Portfolios: Similar to videography, review the photographer's portfolio to assess their style, creativity, and the consistency of their work.

  2. Meet in Person: If possible, arrange a face-to-face meeting with the photographer. This allows you to discuss your vision, see more samples, and gauge their personality.

  3. Check for Consistency: Ensure that the photographer's style is consistent across various weddings. Consistency indicates reliability and a defined artistic approach.

  4. Read Reviews: Just like with videographers, read reviews from previous clients. Feedback on their punctuality, professionalism, and the quality of the final photos is valuable.

  5. Discuss Editing Style: Talk about the editing style and any specific retouching requests you may have. Ensure the photographer's editing matches your preferences.

  6. Understand Packages: Understand the packages offered, including the number of hours of coverage, additional costs, and what is included in the final delivery (prints, albums, digital files, etc.).

  7. Confirm Availability: Confirm the photographer's availability on your wedding date. Discuss any travel fees if your wedding is in a location they need to travel to.

  8. Ask About Backup Equipment: Inquire about backup equipment and plans in case of any technical issues. A professional photographer should be well-prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

  9. Communication Skills: Choose a photographer who communicates effectively. Clear communication ensures that your expectations are understood and met.

  10. Personal Connection: Select a photographer with whom you feel a personal connection. This connection can enhance the overall experience and result in more genuine and natural photos.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect videographer and photographer to capture the magic of your wedding day.

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