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Wedding Videography

How We Work

We pride ourselves on being an “invisible” company and are most happy when couples say they do not remember being filmed. We believe the wedding day is their day and not ours to stop and interrupt to fabricate shots.  For the camera shy customer, we offer the option of using a smaller camera with the same spec as the larger camera, to make them feel comfortable.



The first thing we do on the wedding day, if not before, is introduce ourselves to the photographer (if it's not us). We discuss shooting locations, best advantage point for us and them, so both we and the photographer can create the finished product the couple expect.  We also make the photographer part of the day/film, for example by including the photographer arranging the group shots etc, with a purpose of using this in the final film. To date this has achieved very positive feedback.


We arrive at least one hour before the service (earlier if asked to film the bride getting ready) to meet and greet the important family members in the wedding party. As per the quote sheet, we ask in advance for family details including bride’s parents, groom’s parents, best man etc. This way we know the key people on the day and we can interact with them on a welcoming basis – even though most of them haven’t met us before. We believe if we start this way, by the end of the evening when we are recording families’ personal messages to the bride and groom it is easier for them to open up and relax around us.

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