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Elevate Your Business with Inclusive Communication – A Conversation with Karen Clifford

hosts Simon and Rachel welcome Karen Clifford, the dynamic owner of Vision Communication, to discuss the pivotal role of inclusive communication in today’s business world. As the driving force behind a company dedicated to enhancing accessibility through British Sign Language (BSL) training, Karen offers a wealth of knowledge and passion for making businesses more inclusive and compliant with the Equality Act.

Who is Karen Clifford?

Karen Clifford is a leading expert in the field of inclusive communication. She founded Vision Communication with a mission to bridge the gap between hearing and Deaf communities through high-quality British Sign Language (BSL) training and Deaf Awareness initiatives. Karen's credentials are impressive, with her team offering training from baby signing to BSL Level 3. Her commitment to inclusivity extends beyond the classroom, as she actively engages with local charities and corporate events through her innovative signing choir.

The Power of Deaf Awareness Training

In this episode, Karen emphasizes the transformative impact of Deaf Awareness Training on businesses. Here are some key insights from our conversation:

  • Enhanced Customer Service: Deaf Awareness Training equips businesses with the skills to effectively communicate with Deaf and hard-of-hearing customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Compliance with the Equality Act: By integrating BSL and Deaf awareness into your business practices, you not only comply with legal requirements but also foster a more inclusive environment.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Training programs like those offered by Vision Communication highlight a company’s commitment to accessibility, enhancing its reputation as a socially responsible entity.

Karen’s approach goes beyond standard training. Vision Communication’s offerings include bespoke classes tailored to

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