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Unveiling the Woody Del Ray Experience on Cherrywood Podcast

Join Simon and the stand-in host, Kelly Burrows, for an enthralling episode on the Cherrywood Podcast as they uncover the captivating journey of Chris Underwood, affectionately known as Woody Del Ray. In this insightful episode:

Musical Odyssey:

Embark on a musical journey through time as Woody shares his experiences touring the United States 15 years ago with his signed band DEVICE. Gain insights into his adventures, the vibrant music scene, and his memorable encounter with iconic guitarist Jeff Beck.

The Ghostship Lanterns:

Discover the creative collaboration between Woody and our host Simon. They've teamed up in the band The Ghostship Lanterns, crafting not only incredible music but also the catchy theme tune for the Cherrywood Podcast. Fun fact: Their music has graced the airwaves of BBC Radio!

Filmmaker Extraordinaire:

Dive into Woody's world as a filmmaker. Uncover his crucial role in helping Simon and Rachel shoot the hilarious comedy "The Tab Theory" and explore the nuances of their collaboration on The Musicians Review Channel, a YouTube show celebrating musical talent.

Journalistic Ventures:

Delve into Woody's past as a journalist, gaining insights into his media ventures and the fascinating stories he uncovered.

Blur and Beyond:

Unearth the almost-forgotten chapter where Woody stood on the brink of joining the renowned rock band Blur. Explore the twists and turns that led him to his diverse and enriching career.

The Woody Del Ray Experience:

Get ready for a podcast episode filled with laughter, anecdotes, and a celebration of Woody's multifaceted journey. Subscribe now on [] to catch this episode and more on the Cherrywood Podcast! 🍒🎙️ #CherrywoodPodcast #WoodyDelRay #MusicJourney

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