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The Compassionate Journey of Charity Club AUsome with Kellie Milano

Welcome to Episode 40 of the Cherrywood Podcast, where hosts Rachel and Simon embark on an inspiring journey with Kellie Milano, the driving force behind Charity Club AUsome. 🌟

In this heartwarming episode, dive deep into the incredible work done by Charity Club AUsome for autistic children and their families. Join us as Kellie shares the challenges and triumphs of advocating for autism awareness and acceptance, drawing from her personal experiences of getting her children diagnosed with autism. 🧩

But the conversation doesn't stop at advocacy—discover the vibrant world of Kellie Milano, filled with a myriad of pets and her profound love for live music. 🐾🎶 And that's just the beginning! Tune in as Kellie unveils her plans for an upcoming award night, where all the Club AUsome children will be celebrated for their unique personalities. 🏆

🔗 Connect with Charity Club AUsome:

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