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Launching the Cherrywood Podcast: Unveiling the Unseen Stories of Businesses

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Cherrywood Podcast, hosted by Simon and Rachel, the dynamic duo behind the renowned Cherrywood Productions. Known for their award-winning videography and photography, Simon and Rachel venture into the podcasting realm, promising a unique blend of laughter and business brilliance.

"This isn't your typical business podcast," Simon quips with a grin. "We're on a mission to uncover the character behind the business, aiming for authentic conversations and unexpected stories." Rachel chimes in, "It's like a laid-back coffee shop chat but with a splash of business brilliance."

In this virtual lounge, business owners are invited to kick off their shoes and embrace authenticity. "We're not looking for the polished pitch; we're looking for the authentic you," chuckles Rachel. So, grab your favorite drink, join the Cherrywood Podcast, and let the character-filled conversations unfold.

"It's where every episode promises to be a delightful mix of insights, personal stories, and, of course, lots of laughter," Simon adds with enthusiasm. Cheers to the start of something truly special!

And guess what? This podcast isn't just an auditory experience; it's also a visual treat! Visit to catch the filmed version and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of the Cherrywood Podcast.

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