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Episode 29 Recap: Celebrating Milestones and Ted's World Book Day Victory

In the latest installment of the Cherrywood Podcast, hosts Simon and Rachel invite listeners to join in the jubilation as they reflect on past moments, anticipate future episodes, and share exciting updates. Here's a glimpse into the highlights of Episode 29:

**1. Reliving Last Friday's Episode: Simon and Rachel kick off the episode by revisiting the fun and insightful discussions from the previous Friday. Laughter echoes as they delve into the memorable moments that unfolded, giving listeners a chance to relive the magic.

**2. Teasers for Upcoming Episodes: Keeping the audience on the edge of their seats, the hosts offer exclusive teasers for the episodes to come. From intriguing discussions to special guests, there's a promise of engaging content that will keep listeners eagerly awaiting each new release.

**3. Expressing Gratitude to Sponsors: Acknowledging the essential role of sponsors in the podcast's success, Simon and Rachel take a moment to express their sincere gratitude. The podcast's vibrant community is made possible through the support of these valuable partners.

**4. 13,000+ YouTube Subscribers Milestone: Celebrations abound as the hosts share the exciting news of surpassing 13,000 subscribers on the Cherrywood Podcast's YouTube channel. The growing community reflects the resonance of the podcast's engaging content with listeners.

**5. Ted's World Book Day Triumph: In a heartwarming family highlight, Simon and Rachel beam with pride as they share the news of their son Ted's victory in a World Book Day costume contest, even garnering attention on BBC TV. As an extra surprise, the hosts reveal their plan to gift Ted's winning costume to a fortunate podcast listener.

This episode encapsulates the spirit of gratitude, celebration, and a touch of familial warmth. To catch all the excitement and be part of the Cherrywood community, be sure to subscribe at

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