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Creativity and Controversy on the Cherrywood Podcast Monday Morning Catch Up

Updated: Apr 19

Get ready for an exciting episode as hosts Simon and Rachel, along with their daughter Tilly, take you on a journey through creativity, entrepreneurship, and thought-provoking discussions.

Tilly's First Venture:

Join us as we celebrate Tilly's entrepreneurial spirit with her first venture, the Pompom Wreath business. At just 13 years old, Tilly shares her inspiring journey, from crafting her creative idea to navigating the challenges and triumphs of running her own business.

Sneak Peek into Future Guests:

Looking ahead, Simon and Rachel give listeners an exclusive preview of the upcoming guests set to grace the Cherrywood Podcast. Prepare for engaging conversations with industry experts, entrepreneurs, and innovators as they share their insights and experiences.

Exploring Controversial Topics:

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as we delve into the controversy surrounding the Nike England flag on the England football kit. Join us as we dissect this hot-button issue and offer our perspectives on the intersection of sports, politics, and culture.

Join Us for Insightful Discussions:

Don't miss out on the vibrant banter and thought-provoking discussions in Episode 33 of the Cherrywood Podcast. Subscribe now to stay updated on all our latest episodes and be part of the conversation shaping the business landscape.

Join us as we celebrate creativity, entrepreneurship, and the power of meaningful dialogue on the Cherrywood Podcast!

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