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Unveiling Magic: A Journey with Chris Harding on Cherrywood Podcast

Prepare to be enchanted as the Cherrywood Podcast hosts, Simon and Rachel, delve into the magical world with the extraordinary Chris Harding, recently crowned as the Close-Up Magician of the Year by the prestigious Magic Circle.

In this spellbinding episode, Chris shares the secrets of the exclusive Magic Circle HQ, offering captivating insights into the fascinating rules governing this esteemed magical society. Dive into the enchanting narrative as Chris mesmerizes with tales of performing at celebrity parties attended by icons like Katy Perry and Kate Bush.

Beyond the magic, Chris opens up about his passion for ventriloquism, exploring the artistry behind this unique form of entertainment. The podcast also unveils Chris's inspirational weight loss journey, proving that magic isn't the only transformative force shaping his extraordinary life.

But the magic doesn't stop there! Chris regales listeners with amusing stories of mishaps and funny moments during his magical feats, including entertaining wedding guests. This episode guarantees a captivating journey into the world of illusions, laughter, and the exceptional life of a magician.


  • Exclusive insights into the Magic Circle HQ and its enchanting rules.

  • Stories of performing at unforgettable celebrity parties.

  • Exploring the artistry of ventriloquism.

  • Chris's inspirational weight loss journey.

  • Amusing tales of mishaps and funny moments during magical feats.

Bonus Footage: Dive deeper into the magical realm with exclusive behind-the-scenes moments, additional tricks, and candid interactions. Join Chris and the podcast team as they step into Austin's Eatery, the charming cafe below the studio, where Chris delights customers with his mesmerizing close-up magic.

In a heartwarming moment, hosts Simon and Rachel present Chris with a surprise gift in celebration of his well-deserved title as the Close-Up Magician of the Year awarded by the prestigious Magic Circle.

Experience the joy, wonder, and enchantment in this special episode, filled with magic both on and off the stage. Don't miss out on the extra enchantment—watch until the end!

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