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Wedding Photography, Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Feb 16

Unveiling Dreams and Photography Magic: A Captivating Episode with Rachel, Simon, and the Padawan Apprentice!

🎙️ Join Rachel and Simon on this extraordinary episode of the Cherrywood Podcast, where they not only answer your burning wedding photography FAQs but also delve into a dream Simon had, introduce his Padawan apprentice Riley to the podcast, and tantalize with sneak peeks of upcoming episodes!

💬 In this lively Q&A session, Rachel and Simon bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the forefront, addressing everything from capturing magical moments to the technical nuances of wedding photography. As a delightful surprise, Simon introduces his Padawan apprentice, Riley, adding an exciting new dynamic to the conversation.

👰📷 Whether you're planning your own wedding or simply have a love for the art of photography, this episode is a treasure trove of insights. Tune in to hear Rachel and Simon's expert advice, heartwarming anecdotes, and captivating reflections on the enchanting world of wedding photography.

🌌 But that's not all – stay tuned for a glimpse into the dream world of Simon, get to know Riley, the Padawan apprentice, and get excited as they tease upcoming podcast episodes that promise even more laughter, stories, and expert insights.

🎧 Don't miss the fun – subscribe to the Cherrywood Podcast on all major platforms and become an integral part of the Cherrywood community. Hit play now and embark on a journey filled with dreams, photography magic, new introductions, and the promise of future podcast adventures!

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