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Step into the arena of knowledge and wit as hosts Simon and Rachel gear up for an epic showdown on the Cherrywood Podcast! In this pulse-pounding episode, the stage is set for an exhilarating clash be

Buckle up as these two podcast powerhouses put their expertise to the test in a high-stakes 10-question penalty shootout. Each correct answer brings them closer to victory, but who will emerge triumphant in this battle of fandoms? Will Simon's mastery of the Force prevail, or will Rachel's encyclopedic knowledge of Central Perk and its quirky inhabitants lead her to glory?

Join us as the tension builds, surprises abound, and laughter fills the air. It's a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns, with friendships hanging in the balance. Who will claim victory in this ultimate test of geekery? Tune in to find out!

Don't miss this electrifying episode of the Cherrywood Podcast, where passions collide and rivalries ignite. Subscribe now to witness the showdown of a lifetime!

Welcome to Cherrywood Podcast, your go-to destination for inspiring conversations and captivating stories. Join us as we explore the remarkable journeys of individuals from various fields, offering insights into personal growth, entrepreneurship, creativity, and more. Subscribe for positivity, authenticity, and engaging discussions. #podcast #WeddingVendor #entrepreneur

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