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Crafting Memorable Moments: A Conversation with Jennie Lichfield

Join hosts Rachel and Simon in a captivating episode of the Cherrywood Podcast as they engage in a dynamic conversation with the versatile Jennie Lichfield, a Celebrant, Lady Toastmaster, and Funeral Celebrant from Circle of Life Ceremonies. This multifaceted discussion not only unravels the intricacies of creating memorable ceremonies but also delves into Jennie's unique journey, shaped by her past experiences with Buddhism and fitness instruction.

A Journey Through Life's Ceremonies

Listeners are in for a treat as they gain insights into how Jennie's diverse background has profoundly influenced her approach to crafting ceremonies. From wedding vows that capture the essence of love to milestone celebrations that mark life's joyous moments, and even solemn farewells that provide solace during times of loss—this episode paints a nuanced picture of the art of ceremonies guided by Jennie's expertise.

Celebrating Life's Joys and Navigating Loss

Explore the various chapters of Jennie's life in this enlightening discussion. The episode unfolds as a tribute to the art of ceremonies, where every occasion, whether joyous or somber, becomes a unique and cherished moment in the Circle of Life. Jennie's personal journey adds depth and richness to the conversations, making for an episode that seamlessly weaves together business, personality, and the diverse experiences that shape us.

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